Sales Conversion

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“When you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there.”

This is particularly true in sales. The sales process is the road map that all members of the sales team, includingsales reps, sales management, pre-sales support, follow to assure efficient, predictable, repeatable and successful sales campaigns. A sales process is unique for every company. It is shaped by the products, market, and business climate, competition and especially by the dynamics of the buying companies. Successful sales processes don’t just happen, but they are designed. Often a formerly successful sales process needs revamping, due to changes in the factors mentioned previously.

The Spin Doc provides strategies to implement integrated marketing campaigns that support sales goals. We help integrate marketing programs ranging from marketing communications to lead generation to sales cycle support tools which help your marketing organization prepare to be a key contributor to your sales success.

The Spin Doc has helped dozens of companies deal with specific sales issues and develop sales strategies that help them build their business through development of the appropriate sales process, tools and training. The Spin Doc helps your company define and document the best sales process for your company. From prospecting through closing, from marketing materials and sales tools through definition of roles of pre-sales support people, your planning package will be the road map to successful sales.